Wednesday, June 13


 He was 5 when he started, I was 7 when I started and we both have never stopped. Yes, we may have taken breaks but we both LOVE to run! I can remember racing kids at school on the playground and at church in the yard. Kendall loves to sprint, I love the longer distances but we both love to run. Our kids are starting to enjoy running too! Today, the kids challenged Mama to some races and then they always love to race their Daddy too! Of course, they get a head start and the winner gets braggin' rights until the next race! Then they wanted to race jumping on one leg, wheelbarrow, handstand, and skipping. Mama and Daddy may not be able to move tomorrow but we had so much fun! Being outside, running around together as a family is priceless!
Zeria took this picture of the family racing! You can tell that the kids and I had a head start on Daddy and we won't say who won...but it was definately memorable!

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