Friday, June 15

The Blessings of Camping

One of the most fun and crazy times that we have here in Zambia is when we head out to the bush to campout in order that we can be with the Zambians for weekend meetings and to encourage them. Our family really enjoys camping out and all the things that come with that! Here is what our life looks like when we spend weekends "out".
 Children are always around watching the "mzungu" to see what we are eating, doing, and saying. Talk about accountability!
 Entertainment is free and always begins at the end of the work day. Entertainment of choice, soccer.
 Our neighbors, pigs always welcome to eat the scraps!
 This is our "running water".
Our vacation home comes with a spectacular view!

Our campsite
The stove, water heater, trash disposal, and heater for us at night when it is cold!
Playgrounds are found when creative minds work together!
It's always fun to wake up as a family to the sounds of roosters, ox carts, women sweeping, and Zambians laughing and singing to greet the morning.
Our home in the village!
We love our times when we go out...bathing in a bucket, cooking over a fire, seeing the Milky Way in all of its beauty, Zambians singing, and all of the fun that comes with it is priceless! Thank you Lord for blessing us with these opportunities!

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