Tuesday, June 16

Just For Fun...

Just some fun random pictures of the kids and life around the Helgren House!

I caught Lauren with her hand in the flower pot! Yes, where there have been new flower seeds planted, Lauren will find them and attempt to extract them from their new home! Look at that face of "innocence"! She is a "pill", as my Gramma would say!
We decided that the kiddos needed a good sandbox, so Kendall built them one today! They are so excited and the dirt is already flying!

Loading up sand to take to the new sandbox!

The kiddos in the wheelbarrow..."helping" Daddy!

Lauren loves to be in the dirt and get dirty!

Easton's favorite thing to say to me, "Mama, I want dwink...plea Mama...!!"

Lauren has begun to make a habit of falling asleep while she eats. She was eating her nshima and dozed off to a 2 hour nap...no no no, I removed her from her high chair after taking this picture!