Friday, May 29

All Dressed Up and No Where To Go

My best friend, Lauren, loves to make sure that my princesses always have the most adorable personalized dresses. Recently, Lauren Callaway received her first "Aunt Lauren dress". We had a photo shoot today and I could not resist posting some of these cute pictures!

Mama's favorite picture!
Two sisters...and this was not posed, therefore, I love it all the more!
Lauren Callaway was laughing at Zeria!

Lauren's typical surprised and happy face!

Monday, May 18

Oh How They Love Being Outside

The rooster crows at 4:30 a.m., little eyes open at 6:30 a.m., breakfast is devoured by 8:00 a.m., and the requests begin..."Mama, can we go outside now?" "Go ask your Daddy!" They are granted their request and within a few minutes the new adventures of the day have begun! Paul, our gardener and guard, is so great with our children. He plays ball with them and teaches them about the bugs that they find in the yard! We are so thankful to have him around because he really loves our children. Today, all three of them followed Paul around the yard and helped him pull weeds and clean the cooler. Oh what fun they had!
They are all playing after helping Paul scrub the cooler, they rubbed their soapy hands all over it to make sure it was perfectly white again!
OH boy! Lauren and Easton found a little pool of water and wanted to get the cars and themselves as wet as possible!
Lily says, "I am Cinderella!" Then she begins to sing, "Sing sweet nightingale, sing sweet nightingale...ah ah ah ah ahhhhhhh!" Hilarious!
Easton playing with his favorite thing in the world...trucks! I love how he ran them through the water and made tracks. He enjoys lining them up and pushing them along one by one to their next destination.
Last but not least, this is how Lauren looks at the end of most days. She crawled through the water then across our yard to the garden and loved every minute of it! Thank goodness for play clothes!

Thursday, May 7

After the Rain...

I really love photography and on Monday after the rain storm, I ran outside to catch a few pictures of the rain that was still visible in our yard and in the sky! Praise the Lord for the little blessings that we find in raindrops on leaves and rainbows in the sky!