Saturday, March 13

Sunshine, Grass, Beetles, Mice, and FUN!

We have had a crazy, fun week with loads of excitement! I left the camera out all week because there was just so much going on that I couldn't resist snapping pictures. I took 162 pictures this week! Some of them are priceless, others went right to the trash! Enjoy the collage of our week!
 The kids love to play with these red and black beetles! They treat them like pets once they catch them!
The sun came out followed by hot days! I got really sunburned in 1 hour that I was in the sun one morning. All of my kiddos are now a bit "sunkissed" as well!
Summer was happy about the green grass, cool breezes, and the sunshine!
 All of nature was "buzzing"! 
At about 9 a.m. I was thinking to myself how the day was just going to be a relaxing day and that I would need to find something fun for the kids to do. Just then, Kendall yells, "JOY! Come here!" I ran from the porch to find that Paul had 13 baby mice on a box that had been born a few minutes before. A few minutes later, he found three more, then the two mothers and a daddy. It was a day of hide and seek mice in our yard!
 Everyone was intrigued by the baby mice.
After an afternoon of studying and napping, we had a great time in our beautiful green grass under the shade tree. 
My four of my most treasured possessions.
I wish you could hear the laugh behind that smile!
Pure joy, happiness, and simple fun.

Saturday, March 6

One Rainy Day

The day that we were preparing to go to Lusaka, Kendall had several things that he needed to do in order to prepare the truck to travel. The rain poured all day long, but that didn't stop him! He took advantage of the water to wash the truck! When I walked outside to find him, I saw that he was washing the truck in the rain and I had to document this day with some pictures!
 He was drenched after washing the truck and quite chilly too!
When it rains our carport and yard flood and it is crazy, once again, some pictures to document. 
Our backyard looks a bit like a swamp with the grass and the water!
The storm passed on...
A picture from ground level looking up at our flower garden. 
I love rainy days since we don't see many of them in Zambia!

Friday, March 5

How To Scare A Mom...

 Step One: Leave three kids in a room watching TV alone, while the mother packs the family's luggage.

 Step Two: Mom walks into the room to find locks of blond hair on the floor, yet the child with the hair missing is laughing and the guilty child sits quietly on the couch while clutching the scissors.
 Step 3: Mom instructs the child to turn around to see the damage. SHOO, at least it was a little straight and it wasn't her bangs!!! After a bit of a touch up, Lauren has a cute bob now! Thanks to her sweet and considerate brother, Easton!
You know what is funny about this whole scenario, two days before I was just thinking to myself how great my kids were being with their craft scissors. I was also thinking that they were doing a great job by not cutting each other's hair. Nice. Well, we had a talk about the fact that Mama and Daddy are the only ones who cut hair in the house, (Kendall was outside in the yard laughing out loud as I gave the "scissor speech".)