Monday, July 20

What a Blustery Day!!

The wind in Nyimba has been blowing for several days now and a cold front has blown in! It is only 60 degrees outside, but we are very cold! Lauren had to be bundled up in order to play outside today! I thought she was so cute all bundled! I don't quite know why she kept sticking her tounge out!

Sunday, July 12

Third Culture Kids...i.e. friends...

I "borrowed" this picture from the Vines blog. I love it! It is a great picture of the Schwarz' kids (Tobias, (holding Easton), Heather, (holding Lauren), Lane (on the back of the couch), and Seth (on the arm of the sofa), our kiddos, and sweet Tyler Vines (in the red next to Easton). Kenny took this the day that they all arrived in Zambia.

When You Give a 2-Year Old A Camera

I allowed Easton to take the camera to the playground in Lusaka. It was quite funny to see the pictures that he took! Here are some of the many pictures! Thank goodness for digital, no wasted film here!
Lauren and I journeyed to the playground together
Easton's first picture

Lauren and Isabel

Isaac, Easton's best buddy
What a self-portrait, eh?
I took this precious picture of the 2 little guys! They love each other so much!


Before Kevin and Suzie left for their "holiday" in America, she asked me where she could eat for me! Well, for those of you who know me, know that I LOVE CHICK-FIL-A! I mean, if there was ANY way to put a sandwich on dry ice and bring it to me, it would be WORTH its weight in GOLD for me to have a sandwich! Suzie MADE my day today when she sent me a picture of her eating a sandwich for me! Its the little things in life that can lift the spirits and put a HUGE smile on your face!!!

Sunday, July 5

"National Scavenger"

God really gave me a great idea for our 4th of July family celebration. We had a scavenger hunt. Kendall was not aware of this plan so it was fun to watch him with Lily and Easton! Follow the pictures to see what happened!
Everyone was ready to go!
Daddy read the first clue...Go to the room where Daddy keeps our extra supplies and the Jesus Film equipment!
"I found it, Daddy!!!"
The first clue was glasses...
"Go to the place where Daddy keeps the wheelbarrow"
Easton wore the shoes and Lily wore the apron.
The last clue they found the "Declaration of the Helgren Family" and a red bandana (because I lost the American flag...DOH!) Lily was Betsy Ross and Easton was Benjamin Franklin! The last clue they had to find Mommy and read the special declaration. We read it and we all signed our names to the "Declaration of the Helgren Family"!
Easton signed first...
Then Lily..."L...I...L...Y"
Lauren even doodled her signature!
Later that night, we topped off the "National Scavenger" by having chicken nuggets, french fries, and brownies for dinner and we watched "National Treasure 2" as our 4th of July celebration!