Friday, November 18

Insect Expeditions

Every morning, my precious little boy ventures out into the wilderness (our backyard) to begin his insect expeditions. And without fail, within 10 minutes he has at least 3-4 kinds of bugs in his "Easton" bug catcher. He truly has a gift of finding those little critters quite quickly. Yesterday, I was even pretty fascinated with one of the grasshoppers he had found! At first he didnt look like a grasshopper but sure enough...he was! I love the dirt on Easton's face and the grit under his fingernails, that shows that he had a hard morning of work!

Easton does the "hunting" and Lily joins in on the entertaining of the critters!

Here is the little guy!

Spot It!!

When we were in Lusaka we played a new game with several missionary friends called Spot It! It is such a fun game that I went home and bought it and my Mama sent it in the packages that we received this week! Each Friday after we finish school we have game time for about 2 hours. Last night, the kids could not wait to play the new game! I wasn't sure how Lauren would do, but I was so surprised that she liked it and played so well! It is the kids new favorite game and I love to play it with them!

The object of the game is to spot similar objects on other players cards and your own. There are 4 variations to the game and it is great! The company that makes it is called Blue Orange.

Wednesday, November 16

Coloring Picnic

On Saturday when there was no electricity and it was pretty steamy in the house, we moved outside. I sat in my hammock chair and read a book and the next thing I know the kids have their coloring books and crayons outside having a great time. Easton quickly informed me that they were having a coloring picnic! Gotta love it!

Fun In Lusaka

Kendall went to South Africa for a meeting and while he was gone we stayed in Lusaka. It was the best time for our kids because several other missionaries families came into Lusaka too!! This was a fun picture that I snapped one day when we took the kids to swim at the Olympic Pool in Lusaka! It is so fun to see all of these missionary kids loving on each other!!! What a blessing!
On another note, isn't it funny that all of them have blonde or dirty blonde hair?! They really do look related!