Tuesday, August 23

Caution: Lauren At Work!

I had to snap these pictures today of Lauren doing her school work. No her hair is not perfect, because she did it for school, but that is one thing I love about this! She is so precious and she just colored her animal workbook page so well! I wish that I could have recorded all that she was saying when I took these pictures!

Saturday, August 20

A Simple Conversation

Lauren curled up beside me in the bed this morning and hugged my neck and curled up to fit right next to me. She lay quietly as she looked up at the pictures on top of our window. She put her nose on mine and said,"Is that your married day?"
I answered, "yes, those are pictures of the day that I married Daddy!"
 She said, "OH! You marry in Woosaka (Lusaka)?"
I said, "nope, we weren't married in Lusaka."
She quickly asked,"oh you marry in Nyimba?!"
 I answered, "No. Do you remember Georgia?"
 Lauren said,  "I do wemember Goyjah! Do you go to the marry day in the Land Cruiser?"
I answered, "No, we didn't have the Land Cruiser then. I went to the church in a car!"
She said, "Was it the Land Cruiser?"
I answered, "Nope. I went in Mamie's car!"
She was amazed that Mamie took me to the church to get married!
It was a fun conversation that then moved to the things that God created and why our nostrils are dark inside and what "lives" in there! I love the conversations with my kids that are like this. She is so inquisitive and likes to know who, what, when, where, and how! Thank you Lord or sweet conversations in the cool and quiet of the early morning with a precious child on my pillow with me.
Kendall and me on our honeymoon in Cozumel, Mexico. Praise the Lord for a husband who loves me and for the awesome children that HE has blessed us with!