Friday, June 15


The wind blows like crazy in Nyimba. Today, the kids had an idea to make "kites". No, these kites definately do not look like ones you would buy in the store, but we are going for creativity here! They had the best time for about 3 hours with their "kites" and I enjoyed tying them back together when the wind got the best of their contraptions!
 When I stepped outside, I saw Lauren's "kite" flying over the wall into our neighbor's you see that red dot in the middle of the air?
Lily tied her "kite" to her stick quite well!
 Lauren continued to find out that those "kites" can be quite tricky when they blow off your stick on this blustery day!

Finally caught that tricky kite and Mama put it all back together!
Let the fun continue on the windy day in Nyimba!

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