Sunday, October 17

Stayin' Cool

 It is summertime in Zambia and we have had some good fun keeping cool! 
 This was our "after the sprinkler" picnic in Nyimba.
 Jello Stars are the kids new favorite snack. Each morning I make them and in the heat of the afternoon they have a fun snack!
 Easton loved swimming with his daddy at Protea this Saturday! We had such an awesome time as a family. It was a great time of relaxation and enjoyment!
 Lauren could have cared less about swimming, there was a bushbuck wanting to swim too!
 Still swimmin'!
The girls, we chilled in the shade and had some snacks before our yummy lunch was served to us by the pool! We left that day so relaxed and ready to head home and complete our packing so that we can head to America!

Friday, October 1

The Highway

I love to take random pictures of our life here in Zambia. I love taking pictures when we are driving because things that have become so normal to us are not normal to all people. Today, I snapped these shots on the Great East Road that runs from Lusaka, past our house in Nyimba all of the way to the Malawi border. There is always excitement on the road as we travel! Here are some snaps of our highway, it is a far cry from an American highway!

 Everything is so dry and you can see for miles! I saw so many villages that I have never seen before today.
 If you have never driven overseas, you probably have never seen a speedometer in kilometers! The speed limit on this road is 120 km/h.
 Way in the distance is a man on a bike, this is not unusual to have animals, people, or broken down trucks on the road.
 This carpenter makes great things. We have bought from him before! Doors, tables, sofas, and chairs for sale!
 This is part of the town of Minga Stop...although the supermarket is named "Nyimba Supermarket".
One of the many villages we pass.