Tuesday, January 6

Funnies from Lily

Last night as we were watching an episode of the old TV show, The Walton's, Lily turned to me and said. "Mama, why do all those people have red lips? Our lips aren't red they are pink!" I said, "Lily they put lipstick on to make them red." She replied, "Oh like paint!"

Then today, Kendall was teaching Zeria and Tembo a little bit about how a car works while looking under the hood of the car. Lily chimes in and says, "Mama, they need more holes in this truck..." I said, "Lily why do they need more holes." She replied, "to get to all this stuff in here!"

Finally, it was very hot today and humid and many of the people in Nyimba were walking with umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun. She says, "Everyone in Nyimba put their umbrellas on their head today!"

Oh what fun life is with a 4 year old!

Friday, January 2

New Year's Eve Christmas

Yeah I know, you are probably thinking that I have gone crazy, but we had Christmas #2 on New Year's Eve! We received the majority of our presents on our trip to Lusaka and had a FUN time on December 31. The great thing is that our kids enjoyed today as much as Christmas! We celebrated Jesus' birth twice this year! Lily got a new paint set and some awesome dress up clothes. Easton got a remote controlled airplane and some fun playdoh toys. Lauren received her first purse, baby doll, and teddy bear! Kendall got new Cowboys t-shirts and a season of Smallville. Joy got the 6 disc set of BBC Jane Austen movies! YAHOO!

Each year, Mamie gives the kids a new ornament. It was a tradition we had when I was a little girl that continues!
Easton's ornament for 2008.

Lauren's first ornament!

Lily's ornament...she loves to color!
Easton with his plane!

All of the kids love the plane! (GeoAir from Fisher-Price)

Lauren's first purse! It talks and sings!

Her first teddy bear!