Tuesday, June 28

A Window In Her Mouth

Welp, Lily is really growing up now! She lost her bottom two teeth in America. Then last Sunday, Kendall assisted in the pulling of her front top tooth. Two days later, while she was playing with her brothers and sisters the other one got knocked out! Tada! No tears just a bunch of laughter that she has a window! Last night she was talking to Easton about losing teeth and she said, "Well, I mean it's just something that happens in life, everyone has to go through it! You will too!" Hilarious!

New Additions

We love chickens! Kendall could not wait to get some new chickens so one morning Easton, Kendall, and Jumbe set out to find us some chickens. About 45 minutes later they came home with three new chickens. My sweet friend, Amai Maseko, gave us a chicken to say "Welcome back to Zambia" and we named it "Little Maseko". The other chickens came from Paul's village. When Easton walked up to the door he screamed, "WE GOT THESE CHICKENS FROM DA BILLAGE!!" This was the sight I saw. He was grinning and holding his chicken that he has named Lettuce!

I love this picture. It is typical of our life here! When something exciting happens, Zeria comes out of her house, and whatever friends we have over come to see the action too!

Easton wanted Lettuce to meet everyone officially at their new home!

We had to keep Shadow away from the new chickens.

Rabson and Jumbe were quite entertained by all of the commotion!

Wednesday, June 15

My Bug Man

Well, we have been in Nyimba for about a week and a half and my precious boy, Easton, has already jumped back in to gathering bugs to play with. He loves to catch grasshoppers, beetles, and worms. I just love the fact that he can have a biology lesson in our backyard!