Sunday, April 26

Distance Makes Memories Sweeter

Kendall has been gone for 3 days and 2 nights to Zambue, Mozambique. This may not sound like a long time and in my realistic perspective, it really isn't. But when you consider that we spend all of our days together 3 days is a long time! Recently, I found a CD with pictures that were taken in 2003 right after our engagement and of our honeymoon. We were so young then and we made so many memories together and all of those memories become quite vivid when the person that you shared them with is out of touch and you cannot communicate with them. Kendall at the canyon at the family ranch in Comanche, Texas
Cozumel, Mexico- January 2004

Horseback riding in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Our precious family. As I look at Lauren and Easton I can see Kendall through and through. Lily is beginning to look more and more like her Gramsie and her mama!

Wednesday, April 15

The Little Car That Could

On our recent trip to Lusaka we stayed at a Guest House that had this little car. The kids LOVED this car! Lily was such a good big sister and pushed Lauren and Easton around the yard! But dont worry Mama got her workout when Lily and Lauren decided that they both wanted to ride!

Just Lauren...

We cannot believe how big Lauren Callaway has gotten! She is 14 months old TODAY! WOW! She is a fun baby and what a blessing she is to our family! Praise the Lord for children!