Saturday, January 30

The joy of the earth...

My little princess and prince decided to have a face-to-face encounter with the dirt in our yard. I just had to laugh when they came inside! After bathtime, I had to clean the tub because of the residue they left in their tracks! 

Wednesday, January 20

A Milestone for Easton

A few nights ago, we sat down at the table and held hands to pray and Easton exclaims, “I want to pray Daddy!” This was the first prayer that Easton has prayed out loud. Now each meal he thanks Jesus for the food, for Mama and Daddy, and for Jesus watching over us and keeping us safe. I am so thankful for his heart to lift his voice to His Creator.
Each night at bedtime Kendall and I pray with the children. When we were in Swaziland, Lily and Easton shared a queen size bed and we would pray together. I would ask them who they would like to pray for. We prayed for Lacie, Nathan, and then on the third night Easton said, “I want to pray for Joshua Jacobs.” Josh is a Peace Corps volunteer that lives near us in Nyimba. We have been praying for Josh to come to Christ and he is coming close to a decision. It was so precious that Easton wanted to pray for Josh that night. We pray that our kids can learn to pray for the lost by watching our example.

Hopeful Parenting

I recently have come upon a book that I am really enjoying called “Hopeful Parenting” by David Jeremiah. There are many books on parenting that are excellent, but I have really loved reading this one in particular. I am having a hard time reading one chapter in one sitting because there is so much “meat” in his writing that I have to put it down and begin to pray about how to begin to apply these things to my life as a mother. God is really challenging me and teaching me through this book. I would highly recommend it to any parent who is overwhelmed, challenged, discouraged, or in need of a word of encouragement from a man who has 4 grown children and 9 grandchildren. Dr. Jeremiah’s words of wisdom are worth taking the time to hear.

Best of Both Worlds

So our family loves Hannah Montana. We just bought the movie when we were in South Africa and we watched it as a family yesterday. Right when the movie was over Lily ran to her room and came out in a blond wig singing "You get the BEST of both worlds!!" It was hilarious! Then the fun continued when Easton pretended to be Hannah too! Just a little thing that brought a lot of laughter to our house!

Hannah Montana has bed head BIG time!