Tuesday, June 29

The Free Fall of a Lifetime!!!

On our vacation to Victoria Falls, Kayla and I took on the Gorge Swing. I said all day long that I would not do it, but after abseil, and the flying fox, I was ready for the swing! It took a bit to get my heart and my mind in sync before this "swing" but it was awesome! The ride is like nothing I have experienced before! We free fell for 53 meters/58 yards/174 feet before we felt the jerk of the rope! We then enjoyed the swing across the gorge, it was awesome! So awesome that we did it AGAIN! Later that night, we had a hard time going to sleep because we always felt like we were falling. Our bodies were tingling and our hearts would race. This is an experience that I will NEVER forget!

Friday, June 25

Fun with Friends

When we were in Lusaka to pick up Kayla, we had a great time with the Bowman Family. Josh, Amy, Caleb, Abby, Anna, and Luke. God has blessed us immensely with their friendship over the past three years. We are so thankful for the love and laughter that we have shared with one another. God has called the Bowman's to another place in the world to serve Him! We are going to miss them tremendously but SO happy that we got to visit and play one more time before they leave in July!
The kids playing Toilet Tag at the Guest House in Lusaka!
Abby, Lauren, Easton, Anna, Lily, and Caleb
Abby and Lily are sweet friends, we are going to miss the Bowman's!
Anna and Lily are so much alike and just laugh the whole time that they are together!
Look at the extremes of emotion in this picture of all of the Helgren and Bowman kiddos! Lauren is clapping and Luke is bawling! We love you, Bowman Family and will miss you in Zambia but you will always be in our prayers!