Monday, September 14

Catchin' Up

Its been quite a while since I posted anything about the kids. Here are some random things that just remind me of the fun it is to be a parent of 3 children under the age of 5!

Kids do say very funny things. In the past few days, Lily has said some pretty funny things. Two of them that I will not forget are:
"Mama, how did she get that necklace on? Because her head is too big!"
While we were watching the Brady Bunch, Marsha was digging a hole and Lily said, "Why in the world is she burying the ground?!"

I have finally stepped out of my comfort zone and left the toothbrushes and toothpaste on their sink for them to brush their own teeth! They love it and look forward to brushing 2 times a day...and some times a few more times!

Lauren is a climber. I was in the closet cleaning out some old clothes. I walked out of the closet, leaving Lauren there for approximately 2 minutes, only to return to find her on TOP of our dresser. She had found the stool and pulled the drawers out (5 of them) and used the drawers as a ladder! She is a dare far in her life she has had 3 black eyes, 4 badly bruised foreheads, and about 10 busted lips.

She loves the swing..can you tell?
Lauren got into our closet and found Kendall's ski mask. I was cracking up when she came into the living room wearing this headdress! Love it!
Easton LOVES to take pictures. It is always fun to turn on the camera and find all of these little surprise pictures that I didnt know existed! His perspective is great...eye level with knees and dogs. He is very sneaky about finding and snatching the camera before I can get a hold of him.

Easton's photography of my flowers

Easton is ready for the rainy season...don'tcha just love the rain boots?!

My little boy...LOVES trains and trucks, he will line up his trucks in a perfect line and pushes them one by one down the "road" that he has created.

Here are some recent pictures of fun and mischief that our little darlings have been a part of!

Easton got mad at me because he got put in time thing I know, he has painted the floor and the containers in the closet...NICE.