Monday, April 16

Cookies and Cheese with Callaway

 I have a little buddy that is never far away
She was given a name at birth but has chosen to be called Callaway.
The moment the light comes on in the morning
She is up and at 'em without warning!
The smell of the onions cause her no fear
Grating cheese, making cookies, and doing dishes, she is such a dear!
Her sweet little voice telling me "Can I try Mama?"
And I usually answer without any drama!
I am excited that she loves to cook and clean
Who knew that we would make such a dream team?!
She says that we will open a restaurant called, "The Mamas Who Can Cook Good and Me"
I am so blessed and thankful for the fun memories that are being made in the kitchen with my precious gift from God.

 She made the chocolate chip cookies all by herself!
 No fear of dirty hands!
 Perfect little balls are her specialty!

Sunday, April 1

Lauren's Family Portrait

Here is her view on the family. From left to right: Easton, Daddy, Mama, Lauren, Lily.
Had to share. Priceless.