Sunday, May 30

Back at Plot 418/419 Nyimba

 What's going on at our house? Well, the usual. Having fun enjoying these nice cool days and just enjoying our family!! Here's a peek at what we have been up to since we got home from Johannesburg!
Kendall and Higgins are still playing Hide and Seek to begin their playtime!
Lauren is growing so fast and as Zeria would say, "she is speaking everything now!" After this picture, she looked at me and said, "mwa see, mwa see!" I think that is a mix of Me Want To See! Ha!
I have missed taking pictures of my kids. I love it, I really enjoy the time that I have to capture these precious moments with them. 
It is so fun to take silly pictures! Look at the kids! Crazy! Each time we took a picture they wanted to see it, then we just laughed like crazy and did it again. So, I tried to get a picture of us all laughing...priceless.
Summer was not amused at our shenanigans!

Easton got a NEW Thomas train set from his Great Aunt Sissie! He played with it all afternoon and hasn't stopped.

Lauren still loves the chickens. She and Easton love to take them and put them on the trampoline and jump up and down with them on the trampoline. I guess they want to see if they will lay scrambled eggs. But I wish you could hear Lauren say, "chicken". It sounds more like "cheetun".
Yeah, I know, she is pouring their food on the ground, but you know that with chickens that is where it ends up anyway!
"Here you doe cheetuns!"
Big smile, full of dirt, and full of happiness!
Next project. We had so many mosquitos in our house and yard and we couldn't figure out what was going on. Kendall had been praying that the Lord would show him where the problem was so we could get rid of the mosquitos. He went to the chicken house and sprayed and about 100 mosquitos flew out and 3 huge rats were living in the roof. Needless to say, we burned the roof off. The hens were puzzled and were talking like crazy that day and the next morning. As Zeria said, "the chickens were walking around saying, 'where's our house?'" Ha! Lauren was helping Daddy figure the new arrangement out.


We were all so excited to be reunited as a family in Jo'burg. It had been 17 since we had all been together. Lauren and I had fun surprises waiting for everyone, including cold weather, grass to play in, and McDonald's!

Lily and Easton missed Lauren and the feeling was mutual! There was no crying or fighting for at least 5 days!
I was a happy Mama!
Lauren and Easton laid in the grass like this talking for a while. Mostly they just laughed at each other and smiled. They are more than brother and sister, they are friends.