Saturday, July 30

Ridin' In The Truck

We are so thankful for the truck that God gave us!
It is much better than riding on a bus!
We spend a lot of time on the road.
The roads we travel have tarmac or dirt, but when there are many potholes it can be a bear on our load.
We travel to Lusaka to see friends, get supplies, and eat some great food!
We love to go to the village and no matter how we feel, we always leave in a great mood! 
Most of the time we travel without DVDs and without the radio too!
We make up fun songs and games to give us something to do!
Daddy makes up songs that helps the time go by fast.
We make sure to spread out eating our snacks to make sure that they last!
As we pass through the mountains, monkeys we do see!

But to see the Luangwa Bridge we are all filled with much glee!
The roads they wind and they turn.
And as the miles go by we see grass as it burns.
When we arrive in Chongwe we know we are close.
And we all begin to decide what restaurant we want to eat at most.
We love our big white truck and the places we go.
The fun times we have are plenty, the time we spend is much, but we love to travel that is all we know!

Dancing Princess

Recently, the kids were visiting with another missionary family and they asked each of our kids what they want to be when they grow up. Lauren's answer was this, "I want to be the big princess to a little princess." Today, she told her D-Daddy that right now she is a little princess (as she squats to the floor to show little) but when she gets big she is going to be a BIG princess (as she jumps in the air)! When our friend was here she took these precious pictures of Easton dancing with his princess sister!

Saturday, July 16

Monday, July 4

It Really Does Get Cold

No, I did not put the thermometer clock in the fridge before I took this picture!! It DOES get cold in Nyimba! This was actually taken on June 30..not July 30 like the clock says!