Wednesday, December 23

Swings, Rings, and Little Things

On Friday, December 18, Lily was outside with Kendall feeding the dogs. As she waited for Kendall to get the cans of dog food open she decided to take a break and swing. As she was swinging, she tipped over off of the swing and cut her head open. I am not a big fan of blood or open wounds, so taking care of this little injury at home was definately with the help of the Lord! We went to Lusaka on Saturday morning to get her Tetanus shot and things were healing well. Praise the Lord for His provision and that He always watches over us!

On Saturday, December 19, after we ran some errands in Lusaka, I was on the phone with my friend, Betty. Lauren was attempting to take a nap but could not get still so I sat with her on the bed as I talked to Betty. In the midst of my conversation I realized that my wedding band was no longer on my finger and Lauren was not breathing! She had swallowed my wedding band! I panicked (naturally) then performed the Heimlich Maneuver and out came the ring! I began thinking, what more can happen?! What else could happen...thankfully, nothing yet!!

Christmas is in 2 days. We have had the gifts wrapped and ready to put under the tree for a few days now. Well, last night I decided that it would be fun to make putting the gifts under the tree a game for the kids. So we huddled together to talk about "the plan". Their eyes were big and their smiles were bigger as I told them about "the plan". I said, "You are going to line up at the _______." They responded, "CLOSET!!!"  I said, " And I am going to hand you ONE __________." They yelled,  "PRESENT!"  Then I said,  "Then you will WALK the present and put it under the ________." They yelled and jumped and said, "TREE!!!!" It was so fun and they were precious! When I came out to the tree to see how they put them under the tree, it was a huge stack, guess next year I need to teach them how to arrange gifts under the tree!!!

Recently, Melvin has been coming over to play with Easton. It has been so fun to watch them play together for hours and hours! The greatest thing is listening to them. Easton tells Melvin something in English and Melvin responds in Chinsenga. It is an intriguing social observation, because although they are speaking different languages, they communicate perfectly to one another. I am so thankful for the friendship that Easton has with Melvin!

I am reading this book that my Mom sent me about nurturing boys. Just after reading over half of the book, I have fallen in love with my little boy even more! It has been an awesome book! If you have little boys or even older boys, this book is a great read! I have really enjoyed it and I am trying to implement many of the things that I am learning!

Wednesday, December 2

Thanksgiving Smiles

The food was plenteous and the friends were numerous, but the fellowship was overflowing!Our Thanksgiving festivities this year were a blast! We had a great meal, the men played basketball, and my sweet friend, Amy did a few haircuts while all of the women sat around and chatted about life. It was one of my most favorite Thanksgivings of my life. Here are a few pictures from the day!

Amy was so sweet to cut Lauren's hair, this was her second haircut in her life!

It is tradition that when we have a meeting together, the men always go and play basketball. There were 16 of them that played this time! They love the fellowship with each other!

What a blessing to enjoy time with friends and family here in Zambia!