Monday, February 13

The Science of Peanuts

Growing up in the South, I knew all about how to eat boiled peanuts and how to cook them at a pretty young age. This time of the year there are fresh peanuts and our kids love when we boil peanuts. Today, I watched Lauren and Easton eat their peanuts and my heart was so happy to see them open them perfectly with their teeth without damaging the peanut inside! Last year, they destroyed the shell and the peanut and it was bad! My little Southern heart was so happy at this little thing that my kiddos have learned!!!

See?? Perfect peanut after opening!

Can you tell that they love boiled peanuts???

What Day Is It??

"How many days until we go to Lusaka?" "How many days until my birthday?" We were so excited when Mamie sent them their own calendars! We put the events for this month on the calendar marked with special stickers to know that they when and what is coming up! Who knew a calendar could bring so much happiness?!

Tuesday, February 7

The Keepers of Our Door

Had to snap this shot of Summer and Higgins napping during the rain shower today...great doggies!

Sunday, February 5

Hoodies and Popcicles

I will let the picture speak for itself....but the only thing was 80 degrees and they were in hoodies, but never too cold for a popcicle!

14 Days of Love

I love my kids! And I tell them each day! I wanted to find a super special way to show them for the days leading up to Valentine's Day that I love very specific things about them. Today is the 5th of February so there are five hearts. But on Valentine's Day they will have 14. They love getting up to find their new heart each morning! I am even doing 14 hearts for Kendall! I found this idea on Pinterest from a friend and had to do it this year! Maybe a new family tradition!! Happy Love Month!

Lily's first 5 days of love for 2012
Easton's love...
Lauren's first 5 days of love